Can you belive it? We sure can - because we rock this stuff, thats why.

We offer dozens of various CEU topics. They change all the time – click each section below for a full list, CEU details, and pricing options. Live single sessions offerings are 1 or 2 CEUs; multiple session offerings are 2-4 CEUs.




  • The Philosophy of our Science
  • The History of our Science
  • The Behaviorisms
  • Our Behaviorism is Radical, Baby
  • To Reify or Not to Reify
  • Dualism Without Guns
  • Single Subject is Sexy
  • Flip it and Reverse it
  • Crossing Lines; a Story of Multiple Baselines
  • Stats for ABA Dummies
Yup – more info!
  • It’s all About Selection
  • Phylogeny and Ontogeny
  • This isn’t your Daddy’s Reinforcement
  • Punishment Sucks
  • Stimulus Control and You
  • Rule Following Behavior
  • Cusps Rock!
  •  Self-Managment (4)
  • A Schedule of Schedules (2)
  • Siegel and Tolerance
  • Compensatory Conditioned Responses
  • Behavior is Simple; connecting it all
And more…
  • ABA for Teaching
  • High P for Thee
  • Telemedicine/telehealth
  • Self-monitoring is an Actual Intervention
  • Being a Parent and a BCBA
  • Collaborating with Schools
  • Touching Blue and How Not to
  • Collaboration with Those Professionals You List in the Treatment Plan
  • So you Decided to use Extinction – Deescalation Strategies 
  • Treatment for Impostor Syndrome
  • What Makes a Good Contract; Rose Colored Glasses
  • ACT in Your Practice
  • VB-MAPP is a Language Map, not a Life Map
  • Navigating a Family in Family Training
  • How to Play Again
  • What you Weren’t Told About Being a BCBA
  • Tech Talk
  • Getting Creative with ABA
  • Social Skills and Cooper
  • Painting with ABA & EAB
  • Ethics vs. Morals
  • How to Navigate a Cognitive World
Just a little more.