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Navigating all of behavior analysis and learning everything you need to learn to be an effective practitioner and human, is hard. Extremely. Coursework, thousands of hours of practice, endless feedback loops for improvement, imposter syndrome, myriad journal articles, billable hours, cancellations, and all the other life stuff piles up and makes adding one more thing seem overwhelming.

But you’ve got a test to prepare for too.

And supervisors, you’re not off the hook either – it’s your job to recognize what your candidates are experiencing and provide the necessary supports to ensure their ultimate success.

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Complex Behavior Chains

When you think about what doing the work of a behavior analyst you should think of very complex behavior chains.

Preparing for the exam is no different. Ish.

It’s a different behavior chain. Passing an exam that asks you questions about behavior analysis is a behavior in unto itself and they are different skills than being a good behavior analyst.

Our program focuses on building the decision making and test taking chains.

nicodemus the rat looking at a rube goldberg style machine representing test prep for the bcba exam


Our test prep assumes that you will be engaging on a journey of learning. And learning is simply behavior change – so we figured we should apply the science of behavior to test prep. Like all our other services we use the science of ABA to teach the science of ABA. We deployed it in the Canvas learning management system to leverage a powerful set of pedagogical tools.

Get Shaped! is designed as a self-management intervention with several phases. The first phase being baseline. This is assessed using our own comprehensive behavior analysis exam. You then progress at your own pace through a series of intervention phases specifically designed to teach you how to take ABA exams. Each of the phases are interventions into themselves with specific goals and outcomes being selected for.

Along the way you will be able to track your progress by monitoring outcomes related to each task list item from the BACB.

Fluency – Phase 2

This phase is focused on creating fluency with behavioral concepts and identifying how questions are asked.

These comprehensive exams take you on a journey of fading and discovery. Each question is fully referenced with popular texts and other resources.

Discrimination – Phase 3

There are a lot of challenging discriminations made during behavior analytic decision making – this phase focuses on the most challenging discriminations required to be successful.

Each subtopic from the task list is addressed through additional feature length exams.

Generalization – Phase 4

Your last exams comprise a program designed to get you to generalize your ABA knowledge to knew scenarios and environments not normally presented or talked about.

Doing Well – Phase 5

Each of these phases are presented in the context of a mastery based self-management intervention. Once complete previous phases you will progress onto a final phase focused on developing healthy behavior patterns that will impact your exam preparations and additional exam preparation and test taking tips.