Our videos are epic OERs!

All of our video content is free to use, free to download (you’ll need to contact us for the raw files), free to copy, embed, share, cut up, sell, or even to make fun of. We believe that by sharing the foundational ABA and EAB resources we can improve the world by teaching the broader community about behavior analytic principles. We use fun, informative, humorous lecture styles to deliver the content at a rapid pace using short, high production value videos to keep the users engaged and entertained.

One minute long videos focusing on a crisp definition with an example.

Videos up to 10 minutes in length 
focusing on more in depth
content targeted at the
graduate level.

Short videos directly
answering viewer
posted questions – usually
at the graduate level.

Just plain old voice over
Powerpoints converted
into 10 minute clips.
Undergraduate level.