Coming in June to your favorite app store is the long awaited crown jewel of SAFMEDS cards.

This set of SAFMEDS is like fu*%$(# a thesaurus – you get lots of fancy paper cuts and an origami kink. Included in the initial pack are more than 500 cards related to behavior analysis with progress monitoring. However, we must warn you. We did it PsychCore style – in other words, this deck will make the creators behind Cards Against Humanity blush.

Before you embark on this amazing journey of learning you need to lower your expectations and your standards, as your standards of care do not outweigh our need for attention.

Not So SAFeMEDS are intended as humorous examples and or applications of the principle identified on the card. The goal is actually to get you to generalize your understanding of ABA. In other words, if you don’t get the joke, then study until it’s funny. Think of this as the lighter side of ratio strain.

Side effects include: prolonged giggling; inappropriate rhetoric, HR complaints, legal action, and philosophical change. Call your local LMHC if side effects maintain for longer than 4 hours.

PsychCore Legal Team